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»And Yet It Moves is still more confirmation of the vibrancy of the indie development scene, and it shows yet again, for many developers, the second dimension remains the final- and the most exciting- frontier.« No Added Sugar »ItIts vertigo-inducing 360-degree rotation mechanic makes the platformer exasperatingly fun to learn all over again and, unlike the majority of celebrated indie-releases, the developers at Broken Rules had the audacity to craft a genuinely innovative experience that's the rarest of all things - fun to play.« Popzara »And Yet It Moves makes sense on Wii« kotaku »That the game-mechanics underneath are equally original makes for an experience that is not only one of the premier games on Nintendo’s WiiWare channel, but also one of the most beguiling titles of recent years.« D+Pad »This game is the most awesome thing since sliced bread and even a while since its original release, I am still thinking about it.« IndieGameReviewer.com »Whether bat-shepherding, banana-rolling or bee-fleeing, each task is obscure enough to warrant a eureka moment and physically exerting enough to serve as a decent twitch challenge.« EDGE »A charming and welcome addition to the sparse yet experimental offerings on WiiWare.« Beefjack »And Yet It Moves is brilliant fun and innovative as hell. Make it your duty to give this one a go.« indiegames.com »It's a great example of how simple game controls and amazing level design can come together to make something more than the sum of its parts« Destructoid »Wonderfully designed and lovingly executed, And Yet It Moves is the WiiWare game of our dreams.« NGamer read all reviews and testimonials

Yet It Moves out on iOS!


»AYIM is a tremendous achievement. Fusing some ball grabingly good level design with some fantastic physics elements and sound design that all feel as tactile and glorious as crumpling up a piece of paper.« Midlife Gamer

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