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: Sound Design & Music : Project Lead : Visual Lead : Programming Lead


Game Design

Christoph Binder Felix Bohatsch Jan Hackl Peter Vorlaufer

Project Lead

Felix Bohatsch

Programming Lead

Peter Vorlaufer

Visual Lead

Jan Hackl

Sound Design & Music

Christoph Binder

Character Design & Animation

Claude Schaube

Additional Trip Textures

David Hartono

Jungle Texture Photography

Sebastian Kerekes

Business and Marketing

Martin Sirlinger

Texture Photography by

from morguefile:

Emlyn Addison Ronnie Bergeron Samuel Cheney Kevin Connors emlyn EmmiP Mathew Hull Dmitri Jeltovski Alan Mort June C. Oka Mike Reid Kevin Rosseel Dani Simmonds Mary R. Vogt M Whalley

from geekentertainment

Eddie Codel

from sarracenia:

Barry Rice

from sxc:

Danny de Bruyne Borislav Dopudja Simon Gurney

from deviantArt:

Travis Moreno

Peter Purgathofter


Akbar Font courtesy of Jon Bernhardt. Free download


French, Spanish, Italian





Alexandre Fonseca


George Maghlakelidze


Markus, Clara, Leni, Branko, Daniel, Steffi, Jonas, Lena, Miki & Carla, Ergen, Ufo, Fabian, Daniel, Markus, Steffy, Flo, Gian, Martina & Georg, Elias & Nathi, Sonja & Georg, Crystal & Heini, Anne & Furxi, Renate & Lukas, Steffi & Michi, Bernhard, Habakuk, Tobias, Johanna, Marlies, Georg, Franz, Tom, Michael and all the other testers we forgot :)

Special Thanks

It all started as a game design project at the Design and Assessment of Technology Institute at the Vienna University of Technology, supervised by Martin Pichlmair, Peter Purgathofer and Doris C. Rusch. Without them, none of this would have ever happened.

We would also like to thank Wilfried Reinthaler, Fares Kayali, Gunther Hager and Jonas Löwgren for their valuable comments and feedback. Additional thanks to Mike Dunkle, Jeff Kalles and Dan Adelmann. Also Klaus @ Zoo Diva And Mat for two years of free webhosting!

Very special thanks to

Peters Family, Marianne Jans Family, Steffy Felix Family, Steffi Christophs Family


Impuls Departure Net Culture Lab

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